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How to Smoke Pork Butt (updated)

This is a updated version of my previous How to Smoke Pork Butt post – I wanted to illustrate the method with a bit more detail and show how I work with multiple butts at the same time.

Big Green Egg Pork Butt Guide




Egg Setup:
Indirect with plate setter legs up – drop pans with water on the plate setter. Target temp to start at 240 degrees. With pork butts, plan on smoking for 1.5hrs per lb.

Smoking/Cooking Instructions:

  • Plan on scoring & rubbing your pork butt at least 6 hours in advance of smoking it. Scoring the fat cap allows the rub and smoke to penetrate deeper into the butt and will also provide for awesome crunchy bits when you pull it
  • Rub the butts with the rub of your choice (I use Meat Church Honey Hog on these) and place in the fridge for at least 6 hours. (I go 12+)
  • Once your eggs reach the target temperature, place the butts on the grid above your drip tray
  • Insert the temperature prob in the butt (away from the bone) – I use the Thermoworks Dot or Smoke models
  • Shut the egg and let the butts ride until they reach 195 (or the bone slides right out)
  • Remove from the egg and let rest for at least an hour (uncovered on the counter works fine)
  • Pull & enjoy!

I often cook pork butts for make ahead meals and portion the pulled pork into single meal sized servings and then freeze for future usage.

Smoked Pork Butt Recipe Photo Gallery


Tools Used

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  1. Roland Larkin 8 months ago

    I have a question. I am going to smoke two 10 pound boston butts and i have an extra large green egg. I have read that it takes 1- 1-1/2 hrs. per pound when smoking at 225 – 250 degrees F. Since I have two separate pieces of meat will it still take 20-30 hours or will they cook in 10 – 15 hours. I plan to smoke to 175 degrees then wrap in heavy foil and cook to 200 degrees.
    I would appreciate an answer quick, as I plan to smoke them day after tomorrow.
    Thank you.

    • Author
      Egger 7 months ago

      Go by the individual weights, not total since each piece has it’s own surface area and thickness

  2. Roland Larkin 8 months ago

    How long do I smoke two 10 lb (total 20 lbs) butts at about 250 degrees?
    10-15 hrs or longer due to more pounds of meet?
    Please help.

    • Author
      Egger 7 months ago

      Go by the lbs per piece of meat, not the total

  3. Rich Jorski 7 months ago

    I am planning on smoking a pork butt for the first time ever. I have a large green egg.
    Can you explain the meaning of “scoring” regarding the preparation? Also, is there an
    Ideal size (lbs.) to try for my first time?

    • Author
      Egger 7 months ago

      “scoring” just means cutting into the fat cap of the butt, just down to the meat. I do mine in a diamond pattern. I would recommend 8-10lbs to start – that’s plenty for a good meal and leftovers!

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